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Omega – The English defines Omega as a symbol of the last, the best, or final nature of something, Nine – Once we arrive at nine we are at the top where changes must occur.

Town Center: El Dorado Hills, CA


Omega Nine Child Enrichment Center has a tentative date to open in mid March. We are currently accepting early registration and names on our waiting list so that we can move forward immediately once we get our child care license from Community Care Licensing. We are expecting to have an enrollment license for between 35 and 40 children so space will be limited.

There is a $150 annual registration that will be due once you reserve your spot. This is a non refundable fee but it will secure your space. Enrollment forms and parent information is available at the site Monday – Thursday between 8 am and noon. Once we open then we will be here during regular hours.


John Arreguin


Dianne Small