Our Classes

Child Care Classes

We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for infants and toddlers includes nurturing, support, security and predictability.

Infant & Toddler Classes:

The first year of life is a critical time for brain development as well as social and emotional development. Our infant class teachers have specialized training to ensure that they are not only providing excellent child care, but are also beginning the learning process that will allow each baby to begin to observe his/her surroundings, to retain information he/she gains from these experiences, and to form secure attachments to others.

Activities are planned for each individual child based on the continuous assessment process that is in place. Teachers work in partnership with each infant’s family to set new goals and evaluate development.

Parents can enroll their infant as early as 6 weeks and typically begin the transition to the toddler class as early as 18 months. The decision to make this transitions is made cooperatively between each child’s parents and teachers; based upon careful observation and communication.

Because of the uniqueness of this age group, our toddler classroom follow a daily routine that is consistent yet flexible. Children quickly learn to anticipate what will come next in their day and begin to demonstrate initiative. A typical day will include greeting time, choice time, group time and outside time.

Toilet learning is also incorporated into the daily routine. Teachers and parents work in partnership to develop a toilet learning plan for their child that is consistent between home and school.

Toddlers typically begin their transition to preschool between 33 and 36 months. At that time the child’s parents have many opportunities to visit a preschool of their choice. Once a decision to transfer your child to a preschool, our staff will do all we can to ensure a smooth transition.