Mobile Infant Classes

Child Care Classes

We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for infants and toddlers includes nurturing, support, security and predictability.

Mobile Infant Classes (8-18/Mo):

The gradual ladder of development between infant and toddler begins with this now Mobile Infant. Observation and interpretations of what the child needs carries on in this stage of development as he or she learns to control more of their body.

Mobile infants are learning how to have success in reaching for a toy, pulling up on a piece of furniture, gaining the ability to maneuver an object or using words and gestures to get his needs met. This builds on skills that are the window to a lifetime of positive self-esteem. At Omega Nine CEC, we believe in offering many opportunities for the mobile infant to get where he or she is going within a safe and encouraging environment.

Culturally responsive care plays a significant part in motor development and we offer many opportunities for parents and family members to share in our planning. Constant communication and sharing of events that happen both at home and at school provide the opportunity to help plan experiences that can answer many developmental questions along the way.