Young Infant Classes

Child Care Classes

We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for infants and toddlers includes nurturing, support, security and predictability.

Young Infant Classes (0-9/Mo):

There are many things that are important in the growth and development of an infant child. At Omega Nine Child Enrichment Center, (Omega Nine CEC), we believe having primary care relationships establish a strong trust and affection between infant, teacher and parent. Your child will learn to be comfortable in their new environment. Our staff takes pride in ensuring your child will be safe, secure and loved. Having one primary caregiver for your infant will establish this triangle of relationships throughout your child’s time in Omega Nine CEC’s program.

Infants have amazing capacity to gather information. So we focused our relationship based curriculum on the infants developmental level for learning. Caregivers plan activities for each individual child based on the continuous assessment process that is in place. Our trained staff conduct daily observations to watch where a child is, ask what that child needs and adapt the program to fit. In this way we are planning opportunities for successful daily outcomes.

By documenting the child’s story of how knowledge is built, we can preserve the record and share among caregivers and families. Documentation transports children’s ideas, feelings and thoughts beyond the moment of their occurrence and gives caregivers and families access to information that is vital to growth and development.

Children may be enrolled in our infant classroom as young as 6 weeks and typically begin the transition to the toddler program as early as 18 months. The decision to make this transition is made cooperatively between each child’s parent/guardian and caregivers, and it is based upon each individual child’s skills and needs.