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Infant and Toddler Learning Center Program Practices That Support Families

“To understand the baby’s mind, it is absolutely essential to take the path of observation and discovery.”Maria Montessori

Family relationships are the key to your child’s success here at Omega Nine Child Enrichment Center.  To create an atmosphere where parents are free to share their thoughts and ideas we pride ourselves as being family-friendly.

Omega Nine CEC is committed to being responsive to the needs of our families and feels it essential to look at the few things we can do to make a difference in the lives of those we care about.

#1 – Later Start Time To Ease The Morning Rush

Our hours of operation are designed to help the parent who may work away from home by giving them those extra minutes for commute time.

El Dorado Hills is roughly 30 miles from downtown Sacramento and on a good day with light traffic, the ride will take approximately 37 minutes. The typical start time for most preschools is around 7 am, but Omega Nine CEC wanted to give parents an extra 30 minutes that may make a difference in getting to work on time. A headstart on traffic along the highway 50 corridor may be just what you need to make your day wonderful.

#2 – Parents & Family Come First, Always

Family relationships begin with customer service. Our commitment to the parents holds that the customer should be heard and that any specific needs be addressed in a way that best serves the parent and the program. And, although we may not be able to accommodate all wishes, we certainly will do our best to work out a plan that gives the best possible solution.

#3 – Parents & Family Play a Vital Role In Program Development & Planning

Families become involved in our program to the extent that they feel the need to be part. 

While some parents are comfortable with supporting up and coming events, others who want to take a more active role in our program.  We appreciate and celebrate all efforts to help Omega Nine CEC grow to a strong level of excellence and to do so we need our families’ involvement at any capacity. Our goal is that parents feel welcome and valued. 

We strive to include them in all of our decisions about the program, about their child’s growth and development, and to sincerely recognize the value of their experience and knowledge, not only about their child but also about the culture of the family and of the community. A parent interest survey is available to all parents, both those just joining our program, and others who understand how important family partnership is at any capacity.

#4 – Trust & Dependability Built On Accountable & Responsiveness

Our success is built on a bond between home and school and that level of trust is gained by being accountable to each and every parent and/or guardian who enrolls in our program.

In scheduling events here at Omega Nine Child Enrichment Center, and with our wonderful benefits from our location, we keep the whole family in our planning, either with on-site events such as Story Hour or weekend pot lucks. We also offer extended care so that family members can attend local events or businesses while their infant/toddler can remain at the school being cared for by staff they are familiar with. In either case, we strive for that home-school connection which ultimately builds a strong relationship with our families and our staff members.

#5 – Equipped To Recognize & Address Every Child’s Unique Needs

Lastly, relationships are the foundation of a strong bond between the child, the family and the Omega Nine Child Enrichment Center. From the first time you enter our center, you can feel confident that we will meet each and every one of your highest expectations. After all, we are caring for your most valuable gift, your child.

Full-Time, Part-Time & Drop-In Care For Infants To Toddlers!

Give your child a headstart to success by joining our family at the Omega Nine Child Enrichment Center. We offer full-time, part-time and drop-in child care for ages 0 – 36 months and our programs specialize in the growth and development, whether they are learning primary cognitive skills as an infant, motor skills as a mobile infant or communication and social development skills as a toddler. Give us a call today to learn more about our programs or stop by for a tour of our facility.

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